Vacuum Cleaner And Allergy Prevention

Have you experienced this situation? You clean your room with a vacuum cleaner to remove allergens. As soon as you turn the vacuum on, the next minute you begin to sneeze uncontrollably.

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On the other hand, not vacuuming builds up those allergens too. Clearly not healthy and allergy friendly. Fortunately, the answer is easy. If your allergy symptoms got worse, chances are your vacuum cleaner uses one of those standard filters.

While cleaning the ground, some particles have been discharged back into the atmosphere after moving through a filter. Hepa filter is designed specifically to protect against most the pollutants to get back in the atmosphere.

Fewer allergy symptoms and asthma triggers may undergo HEPA filter. It’s in a position to remove 99.97% of those dust, mold, pollen, germs and also some other airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. No wonder it is so much different.

Never select vacuum cleaner based on arbitrary remarks, because everybody has different requirements. Do not listen only to the attribute list, but more about the purposes. One thing which you can’t compromise is the vacuum includes HEPA filtration. Other characteristics are secondary. But that is not all.

Now, it’s important to understand that a vacuum cleaner isn’t an ultimate remedy to allergy. A wooden floor can also be recommended since it does not trap debris.

Last, but not least, get a vacuum cleaner which may reach into small openings for cleaning.