Promote Indie Music – Best Sites for Music Distribution

To promote your own kind of indie music you will need to discover where your style has been played on online music. And get your music played on those in which the audience will be YOUR audience. You will need to work out which are the best websites to have reviewed on and how observable such a review may be.

Promote Indie Music - Best Sites for Music Distribution

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You will also want to get started shopping around for a label or an indie supply website that will make it feasible to upload your tracks and enable them to deal with the creation of this CD, the selection of payment and postage costs, packaging the CDs and distribution of them.

An excellent reference to these sorts of sites that are being continuously updated – as it has to be online – is the Indie Bible. If you reside in America or anywhere else on the planet and you don't have a copy of the Indie Bible you're missing out on a source which may be the difference between success and failure online.

Music Distribution Websites Reach a Global Audience.

While everyone is aware of Myspace and Facebook – both of which are important sites to use to market Indie music, much fewer people know of the thousands of other websites that have other solutions that they can perform for you. You can promote indie music on music review sites by uploading a demo or free single and asking it to be reviewed. 

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