Real Nigerian News Sites Can Be Found Online

Several Nigerian news websites can be found online with some being more advanced and reliable than others. You should therefore seek to get news related to Nigeria through websites that can be trusted. Nigeria is facing lots of problems relating to its economy as well as the safety of its citizens.

Boko Haram has been involved in a lot of terrorism related activities that had resulted in the kidnapping of hundreds of school girls in the last few years as reported by various nigerian news sites. Nigeria is working closely with other countries including the United States through a strategic partnership dealing with all sorts of issues including terrorism and economic development.

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Any country that offers help in dealing with a certain element of problems faced by a country will obviously have their own interest in it. Nigeria being the largest economy of west Africa is closely watched by world leaders and as usual, any country with rich natural resources such as oil gets a number of so called friends from different parts of the world.

The United States is at the forefront in all of these and soon Nigerian president is expected to travel to the US to discuss ways of enhancing their partnership especially as far as fighting terrorism is concerned. A number of political analysts believe the main reason behind increase in global terrorism over the past few decades is a direct outcome of the United States’ flawed foreign policy.

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