Assessing the Value of Your Goods before Seeing Jewelry Buyers

If you do not determine the real worth of your jewelry, a few jewelry buyers will attempt to give you less money than they're worth. 

Below are a few techniques you can use in your home to ascertain the worth of silver, gold, and other jewelry pieces. If you’re a jewelry buyer then browse


The very first step in discovering exactly what your watch is worth would be to correctly identify it. The more info you can collect on the era, producer, version, and size, the more greater.

Most watches may be obsolete by their sequential numbers, based on the watch. But if yours does not have a serial number, you will probably have to base off the age of stylistic structures.

Coins and Gold jewelry

Ascertain the karat level in every bit of gold and if some bits are gold. Start looking for the karat number on the item. If it's unreadable or you cannot locate it, you could always take it into a respectable gold trader to ascertain the karat number.

To be certain that the karat number is right, put money into an at-home acid testing kit. These acids are present in various strength to appraise the total amount of pure gold that's in every bit.

In regards to coins, it is ideal to go to a respectable trader to appraise the value. A certificate of authenticity can often allow you to convince jewelry buyers to pay high dollar on your coins. 

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