4 Types Of Scaffoldings Used in The Construction Business

Scaffolding is a major term which is used in the construction business. A Scaffold Hire includes getting a temporary structure which can be made up of bamboos, timber or even metal tubes. They are used greatly for all types of building and renovation purposes. They prove to be a great help as they are affordable, become a safety measure and help the workers to reach places they could not have reached before. So to make the topic further clear to the readers, here are the 4 types of Scaffoldings Used in Construction Business listed below :

Single Scaffolding ( Bricklayers )

The single type of scaffolding is also the basic and foremost layer of scaffolding. This includes making of vertical based platform of bamboo or timber placed parallel on all the floors to facilitate the construction and help workers carry out the operations. They are also multilever in multi floor buildings. Every service relating to Scaffold Hire In Sydney provides this.

Double Scaffolding ( Mason’s Scaffolding )

Double Scaffolding is similar to single scaffold method but there a few differences. The double scaffold method is used for Stone Masonry buildings. Unlike brick layer support it has double scaffolding near the wall but it is not attached to the wall. It is also a good method to renovate and reconstruct old buildings which are not very stable.

Steel / Tubes Scaffold

The third type of scaffold method is very similar to the first two methods but with the only exception that steel tubes are used instead of bamboo or timber. The steel tube usually has a diameter between 40 mm to 60 mm. The rope lashing are also not used in this method instead steel tubes are coupled to help the construction process.

Cantilever Scaffolding ( Needle Based )

A cantilever based scaffolding is used when it is not possible to fix standard structure into the ground due to location. The cantilever is based fixed in a height above the ground. It is called a needle and is fixed by piercing holes in the building walls. Such method can be used to construct adjoining buildings or a structure based in busy streets.

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