Specifics of Different Cabinet Hardware

What are the Important Aspects to be Looked Into While Buying Cabinet Hardware?

Cabinet hardware selection will not seem like a herculean task when you are equipped with the knowledge. As such, we will be exploring some aspects you need to look into before actually purchasing cabinet hardware.

Types of Cabinet Hardware 

cabinet hardwareBefore purchasing cabinet hardware it will be important for you to understand different types of hardware you will require. Few of the things you will require would include:
• Knobs and Pulls: Knobs are usually mounted on drawers using bolt and screw. Pulls perform the same task but they tend to take up more space.
• Back Plates: Back plates serve the purpose of protecting surface of the cabinet as well as to cover up existing holes as well as improve decorative aspect of the hardware.
• Door Catches: If cabinet doors do not have self closing hinges then door catches can be used for securing the cabinet doors. 
Few of the options you should explore include friction catches that offer secure grasp, safety catches in case there are children in the house and magnetic catches.
• Drawer Slides: These can be of heavy, medium or light configuration and you will have to select one according to drawer's weight. 
You will have to keep note of the fact that in comparison to center bottom mount or monorail hardware, it will be much better to purchase side mount hardware. Additionally, you will have smoother action due to rollers and bearings and in addition to it, proper access will be provided by full extension slides. However, before buying any drawer slide you will have to figure out length of the drawer as well as slide's length.
• Hinges: These perform the function of attaching frame and the cabinet doors. There are two types of hinges you can select from depending upon your requirement; mortise and non-mortise hinges.

Drawer Front and Fitting of Knobs and Pulls

If there is a center panel for drawer fronts then it will be necessary to ensure that cabinet hardware your purchase (such as pulls or knobs) will be fitting correctly on drawer front's center panel part.
As such, while selecting knobs you need to ensure that raised panel's height should be more in comparison to knob's base. As for instance, if the raised panel is 3/4" high then a knob having base of 1" will not be fitting on such center panel.
Similarly, while buying pulls you will have to keep note of the fact that center panel would probably be about 5" wide even when the cabinet itself is 12" wide. 
Thus, it will be necessary for you to purchase a pull with a dimension which is less than 5" so that it fits correctly into a cabinet that is 12" wide.

In Conclusion

We will conclude here with a final note that there are several aspects related to cabinet hardware that you need to look into before making a purchase. By having knowledge of these aspects you will certainly be able to make the right selection.

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